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Interested in further reading?  Well Atomic Theater is far from the only site dedicated to this material, so presented here is a growing list of web resources created by Cold War and civil defense enthusiasts with a host of helpful information.

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
This fantastic resource, arranged and maintained by Dr. Frank Settle of Washington and Lee University, organizes and annotates academic works which relate to nuclear issues across the globe, including a number of primary sources from the Cold War era.

Edmonton Civil Defense Museum
Canada, just as susceptible to the atomic threat as the United States, developed their own sophisticated network of civil defense.  This site details much of what Canada, and Edmonton in particular, did to prepare their citizens.  Included are some fascinating and detailed photos of a large civil defense bunker.

Michigan Civil Defense Museum
Erick Laskowski's superb site detailing all that the state of Michigan had to offer towards civil defense.

Named after the infamous alert system briefly used in the 1950's, the trio of collaborators for this site have amassed an impressive collection of Cold War ephemera.  Note the extensive use of lists of civil defense films and other media.

CollectAir: Plane Spotters
Dedicated to the under appreciated stalwart of early civil defense warning, the plane spotter.  Included are some fantastic photos of their collection of plane posters, spotter cards, and even board games designed with the idea of training volunteers to alert authorities of suspicious aircraft.

District Fallout
A recently created site devoted to preserving fallout shelter locales in one of the nation's most prominent target cities, Washington D.C.  Complete with maps of located shelters, the film Radioactive Fallout is also included.

Fallout Shelter NYC
An often updated blog dedicated to atomic ephemera from posters to test films.  Focusing on the New York City and Long Island areas, the blog also offers some excellent links to online pamphlets.

Cold War Resources Database
Here's a comprehensive site dedicate to the Cold War with a focus on the espionage tactics used by both sides.  Of particular interest are the biographies of Cold War leaders both political and military as well as compilations of spy technology and major diplomatic events. 

A Student's Guide to Air Warfare
Provided here is a short, succinct, and informative history of aerial warfare, the advancement of which ultimately gave rise to the fear of enemy air raids and, subsequently, civil defense. 
(A special thanks to Molly Reedas is owed for tipping us off to this great resource!)